Workshop Testimonials

In San Francisco…

“Dear Michael, I want to thank you once again for the experience you gave me yesterday. As I said yesterday to you, I thought you had asked me to come as an observer and to make comments. I discovered immediately that that wasn’t my role; that my role was to be a participant. There are just no words to tell you how deeply my heart was affected by your presentation.

“Keep flying high!

“Boundless love and gratitude for our friendship.”

Jerry  (Gerald Jampolsy M.D (bestselling author of numerous books on well being; founder – Attitudinal Healing International)

“Your workshop is so excellent that I think it would be great for you to do it for a week at Esalen. There was a good pace and variety . The combination of music, dance, video, cartoons and stories kept my interest.”

“Wonderful presentation – lots of nuggets. I can see how this workshop can easily be three days – a lot of information, but you did a wonderful job of condensing it; though I am glad you went through all 12 ‘ahas’.”

“Great work! You presented a well orchestrated multimedia challenge to us. I appreciated the work you put into your workshop, and got a lot out of it even though it was condensed.”

“I really enjoyed this course. This is one of my first courses like this – focused on my own health. Your content was informational and, most importantly, thought provoking. I never felt pressured to feel one way or another, which I think is important when exploring matters of self and happiness. I am greatly happy I came and I look forward to reading my notes and reviewing your packet of suggested exercises.”

“Everything was excellent. I was touched deeply by the material and challenged to realize that I still have unfinished business with my life. I would have loved to hear even more stories about Michael’s own personal journey with these 12 ‘ahas’. Thank you!”

“Michael, I really appreciated your daylong (‘highlights’) presentation. You pulled together so many of the great thinkers, psychologists, etc., into a cohesive and workable project for me, and hopefully, for us all. Many thanks. If you ever create an email list about ‘thoughts on life’, I’d love to be on it.”

“I’m very grateful for the time you dedicated to putting together for us. Even though condensed into one day, please know that it had a positive impact on my life. I just wish we had had more time for the exercises, and for discussion and exploration around these topics and themes.”

“Thank you soo much!!!Time was too short!!!”

“You have something quite special in this workshop; I think you deal with such a ‘macro’ concept in an interactive, anecdotal (yet not longwinded) way. Very balanced. Oh, you’re technologically competent, which is impressive and important, given your multi-media approach. I also enjoyed the exercises; I think they’re very important to absorbing your desired self-awareness message, even if only in part. You artfully managed the room, making your audience feel comfortable, without the expectation to share. You rendered a dual experience, both collective and solitary.”

In Vermont…

“Michael, thank you for a lovely workshop. Those of us who attended were fortunate to have the benefit of all the time, thought,  good energy, and heart you put into the preparation  and facilitation.”

I want to tell you that I am leaving the library. This Friday is my last day. Your workshop last summer, (and also a library advocacy class this fall) were instrumental in my coming to this decision.

I don’t know if you remember, but I had this “aha” on one of our Saturdays about how I  want, and need, to  find  more time to write.

 Meanwhile I’m turning 50 any day, and I had this fear of forever postponing my creative life. 

 I will still be living in Montgomery, and I’ll see you and Laura when you’re back in town.  

                                                                                                                                                                            Tracey, Montgomery Vermont Town Librarian

“Thank You! You create, or take the lead in creating a safe space to explore these “ahas”. Very helpful.  I enjoyed the media, and never felt like I was at a lecture. Time passed quickly. I was never bored or falling asleep. Very engaging.  And, you have a lovely presence. And, I was surprised at what came up with the exercises.”

“Engaging presentation. Exercises provoke unexpected insights.”

“Liked it all! Liked the use of visual aids, songs, cartoons.”

“Really enjoy the multiple media, books, music, and especially your personal stories.”

“The music in this session and especially the videos in the session 2 weeks ago REALLY HELP arouse emotions more than words alone. And today, seeing images of people who REALLY DO forgive, made it much more powerful.”

“Thank you very much for your time and this class. I’ve come out of it with so much that will help me continue with my wellness from depression. I hope very much that you will come back next summer and do another class with us. When you come back,  I’m sure that my success and happiness will be a lot better than it is now. Thank you for giving me the tools to get to that better place in my life.”

“The entire program was fabulous. I needed to think of you as a guide – not a guru, but your direction helped me to grow…The music was essential, especially when we did the exercises. Continue to include your personal journey. We all learn from others’ journeys.  It’s great to realize that you had problems with public speaking, because you have overcome that. THANKS A MILLION!”

“Over the years I’ve availed myself of therapy – Gestalt, Bio-energetics, Rolfing, Jungian. It’s been a journey “out of the box”. This was a good workshop incorporating SO MANY TRUTHS. I liked the references to so many people and their personal truths. Thank you Michael.”

“Michael, your class was great!  The work you went over will help me a lot  when used with the things I’ve learned from my other classes. This class came at a time when I really needed the extra guides with my over all feelings and with my life.

“You did a wonderful job helping all of us to understand the material and just listening to us when we needed to  say what was on our minds. Thank you for that. Sometimes in life it’s nice to have someone to just listen and understand and this class gave us the chance  to do both.

 “Hi Michael, after my experience of the workshop, I wrote something I would like to share with you. I hope you’ll like it:

                                          ‘God’s Mission was to send those that could help me to stand on my own. They did so by God’s mighty hand alone.

This was not an easy task for it might not last.

‘So God gave to me those that would help. When my thoughts became low, they would come to bring peace to my soul.

      ‘God’s mission was to put laughter and joy back into my soul by sending those who could help me become what he intended me for.

       ‘Only then could this be achieved by those that were sent to help me.’

Thank you, Michael.”


“Michael, that was a real treat you served this Sabbath.  I so enjoyed what you presented, AND how you presented it, which conjured up so very many thoughts for me.  

“One was why you even feel moved to deliver these “ahas”, which bring to mind so many universally human topics – relevant to every one of us – such as the overall context  and meaning of our lives, our places in time, our personal itineraries in time and space, and so on.   

“The fact that you provoke such thinking in others, using your own subtle style is your true calling. Well, enough for now.

“Bravo and thanks!”


In Sausalito…

Thank you dear Michael for your magnificent offering, which allowed me to be a student, make new friends and be inspired and enlivened.

                                                                                Susan Kennedy (aka, SARK, author illustrator of 16 self-help books including 5 national best sellers)

Hi Michael,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying and appreciating the Saturday morning Workshops that you are so graciously are offering us. The sessions that I have attended were filled with such an interesting and informative combination of things; presented with carefully chosen music, videos, cartoons, the spoken word – quotes from the greatest minds throughout history – work sheets that helped us to look more honestly at our selves and try to change for the better – I could go on and on. The time just flew by.   

   I must tell you that I was overwhelmed at the extent of preparation you must gone through to bring together such informative, fast moving, engrossing, entertaining and healing sessions. Your gentle encouragement for us to express and share our thoughts and feelings was just the right touch and did help us to open up.

    I have already faced some of my fears and hesitations and put some of my filled out work sheets into positive action. I cannot think of a thing I would want to change about your presentations and am enthusiastically looking forward to more. Thank you so much. What a joy and privilege.


    Michael, last weeks gathering was WAY useful, magnetic, magnificent, marvelous and as always, profound!

   Fun, moving, the whole package. I love it. It makes my heart sing, my soul delight!

   I am happy to put my thoughts & feelings in writing in regard to these gathering s of yours, especially if it could help others. I am all for the wider expanseto help others. It’s pretty much the most important thing to me

  I could easily see these gatherings serving high schoolers, and other ages.  Man, would I have been happy tohear some of this stuff when I was younger.  Its validating.

  So much of many people’s daily lives are following some formula that they have been told theyhave to live by – and people really really want to be in truth . What you are sharing  – is truth!!

 Maybe you will take your amazing and special presentations to Martha’s Vineyard, who knows?

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Patricia C


    Thank you for your wonderful workshop. I love it – so much wisdom presented by such a loving and generous teacher. What could be better!!!

    You have put so much care and thought into it – and it shows. Thank you for being so generous with us, in every way.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dana C

Dear Michael,

You are a wonderful human being, full of love, tenderness, and wisdom. Your heart glows. Your kindness brightens those around you. Your wisdom is shared like a gentle spring rain.

     May the grace which touches those who are sharing from your determination to make a positive contribution to each being in your path, also give you much satisfaction, joy, peace, and long life, as good Karma always does.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Daniel B


What a generous gift you have given to me and so many others! I have relished the topics of conversation you have presented and am in awe of the volumes of information you have researched. Your suggestions have expanded my mind, my library, and will continue to do so for a long time. I include the music of Leonard Cohen and the writings of Rilke, both of which I had neglected to embrace until now. I think the Twelve Ahas are so important to explore at our stage of life and I’m very thankful you and Laura provided the time and space of me to do so. Lots of Love,