“Michael, our time together also brought back a flood of memories for me, of a very difficult time some years ago, when you “saved my life”, but not as a lifeguard on the beach. The discomfort I felt at that time about the “folly” into which I had stumbled may have prevented me from fully expressing my gratitude to you for having given me that critical helping hand.

 “You heard the angst in my voice on the phone, were in my office in no time flat, and then we walked. This was unquestionably the most critical ‘walk in the park’ I am ever likely to take…and the most beneficial. 

 “You asked the right questions, encouraged me to think clearly (to separate facts from fears), offered some insights, and opened the door for me to make a very difficult, life changing decision. You could have told me that my concerns were just normal bachelor jitters, as others had. Instead however, you “got it” immediately and gave me the support and encouragement to do what, in my gut, I knew I had to do. Without that “coaching”, I don’t know if I could have mustered the courage or confidence to acknowledge, and then speak the truth, and to face the fallout.

 “The fallout was short term, the benefits…well, I think you know.  THANK YOU!  – Michael, Age 66



“Michael somehow manages to be wise and compassionate without ever becoming holier-than-thou or pretentious.  I don’t know how he does it.” Eric, Age 19

* * *

“Michael, you helped me see a huge blind spot, the seeing of which has lead me to the greatest happiness of my life.

You are a wonderful human being, full of love, tenderness, and wisdom. Your heart glows. Your kindness brightens those around you. Your wisdom is shared like a gentle spring rain. I speak as a graduate of Harvard Law, also as a practitioner in the field of mediation and conflict resolution, so I think I know a thing or two about human relations.

May the grace which touches those who are sharing from your determination to make a positive contribution to each being in your path, also give you much satisfaction, joy, peace, and long life, as good Karma always does.” – Daniel, Age 65

* * *

“Michael has a personality that seems to ‘jive’ with pretty much everyone. His openness, attentiveness and genuine concern for what you have to say leave you with the impression that you’re thoughts and worries matter. He brings his experiences into his responses and has never been judgmental of me in all of my 23 years. That’s pretty impressive. His willingness to help people, while being a stated principle of his, never feels ‘pushy’. This is most welcome in a ‘pushy’ world, where Michael acts more as a guide than an instructor.”Ethan, Age 23

* * *

Working with Michael enabled me to successfully complete a major transition in my life. He offered me his support and thoughtfully selected resources with humor, understanding, and kindness. I always felt comfortable picking my own path with his help; it was “okay” to reject some of his suggestions if they didn’t feel 100% right for me. Three years later I still seek his wise counsel and will always treasure our friendship.” –Lynn, Age 60

* * *

Michael Scott cares about people. When Michael is coaching, you know he is focused on you and your future. I have never met anyone who is more insightful and helpful when it comes to discovering who you are and where you may want to go in life. His honesty and integrity are truly refreshing and his approach is sincerely collaborative. He is both a mentor and a friend. I recommend Michael without reservations.” –Robert, Age 58

* * *

“Michael has long been someone in whom I have confided. This is a man who continually embraces his journey of self-discovery. More than that, he does so every bit as laboriously as the rest of us. His open-mindedness and curiosity are inspiring; his kindness and compassion touching; his understanding and sympathy comforting.

Somehow, without ever forcing ideas of possible solutions, Michael always leaves me with the self-respect and confidence to make my own, positive choices.”Lilia, Age 20

* * *

I’ve known Michael Scott for more than four years and found him to be extraordinary: Consistently as both a friend and a life coach. He has had the uncanny ability to help me explore the core of my issues quickly and simply, and to help me find solutions when I’ve been receptive to hearing them. He is also been unusually sensitive, upbeat and an incredible listener. Michael has periodically acted as my mentor despite his being younger than I. He has encouraged me with words, in both my private life and my occupation as a journalist, and inspired me by example. He has guided me through more than one major transition. As a life coach, he has managed to integrate a lifetime of experience with a multitude of disciplines and yet remain aware of his own limitations.

Sometimes when I talk about him to others I use phrases or clichés that make Michael seem too good to be true. But not only is he quite real, he is a person I’m especially pleased to know.” –Woody, Age 70

* * *

I have known Michael for several years and feel that I can tell him anything about myself. I feel very comfortable with him and can be totally open with him. When I have been anxious he always says the right thing to me. He helps me see all sides of the issue. He has given me new insights into myself. He is very thoughtful with a great sense of humor. ” –Phyllis, Age 70

* * *

Michael is a compassionate and insightful coach, bringing to bear the full intelligence of his heart and spirit to the coaching relationship. I felt cared for and respected as Michael worked with me to discover new insights and take new actions.” –Greg, Age 50

* * *

I first contacted Michael in early 2002, during a crisis of spirit and a very black place from which I was unable to see my way clear. Michael really listened to me…it made a big difference. Since then he has continued to be there for me…as a coach and witness to my transformation. I am truly grateful for his support and friendship.” –Victor, Age 55

* * *

Michael provides an unconditionally loving, spirit-enriching space for people to explore who they are and where they are going. He manages to hold the necessary discipline and structure that most of us need, but at the same time, he is compassionate and playful. Michael is fiercely committed to being a high-quality coach and champion for others. He maintains his own, very rigorous ongoing self-inquiry to be the absolute best coach he possibly can be.” –Alyssa, Age 45

* * *

Michael has the ability, through love, to be the light and the mirror we each need to see and become who we truly are beyond ego and self-delusion.”-Charlie, Age 63

* * *

“I remember the days that when you and I would spend a lot of time together when Laura was spending her time studying for law school.  You were there always for me,  patient, listening and with interesting, thought provoking questions.

You helped me a lot but most of all it was the love and compassion that you showed me that made me feel better.  I could talk to you honestly and pour my heart out and explore ideas without any judgment. I still remember it all so clearly.

You have a marvelous gift that could help so many and which you have done so consistently over the years.  I am so happy that you have decided to take this route where you can make such an enormous difference to young peoples’ lives for whom the world has become such a complicated, fast moving and confusing place.

I love you and totally believe in you – you are an amazing, wonderful person and a gift to all of us. I cherish you! – Klaus, Age 55

* * *

“Hi Michael, I appreciate your message and how you thought of me in sending it. It is incredibly kind.

I have started volunteering at the Hospital and I met a patient there on Friday who reminded me of you. He’s befriended everyone in the hospital. His encouragement    and kindness is something that the staff and patients thrive on, making them as pleasant as they are. Amazing how it boomerangs back in that way.

You, Michael, create the space and the beautiful people who surround you in your effusion of positivity. Thank you for affecting us all in this way.”


Sophie, (Age 20)

* * *


The relevancy of your words and their candor reached me at a time when few others could. Our talks allowed to be to transcend my issues and get myself back to a better healthier place.

Loss of your first true love can be very damaging emotionally and you were able to help me recover, and for this I can never thank you enough.

Anyone would be blessed to have your counsel and advice.

With many thanks,”

Alex (age 21)

* * *

From Some Parents:

“Compassionate.  Supportive.  Mindful.

These are the three words that immediately come to mind when I think of Michael Scott.  When I am feeling troubled, indecisive, anxious or lost, there is no one better to sit with and talk to than Michael.  I know that I will be listened to without judgment and will receive the words I need from a loving friend.

Michael has a special gift, particularly with young people.  I have never known anyone else with his extraordinary ability to make young people feel comfortable, understood, and appreciated.  Michael draws them in with his calm, reassuring, loving presence.  For more than thirty years, I have observed with awe as Michael mentored and coached countless young adults and children.  These seemingly laid-back, casual relationships had and have a profound impact, because Michael conscientiously keeps up with his protégés.

Very few of us make it into adulthood, and then into “selfhood” without the trials, tribulations and uncertainty that are the natural byproducts of growth.  It is not that our difficulties necessarily require a therapist or a psychiatrist, but we could really use someone wise to guide us.

Very often, especially during the difficult process of separating from their parents, young people do not welcome parental input, or their advice.  It is especially during those moments, I believe, that any young person would be fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Michael.  He is an experienced, talented life coach.  But more than that, he is the person we all wish we had, the one who makes us feel “listened to and heard.”

My own sons have been lucky enough to have access to Michael during their hard times (and happy ones), and I know that he has been a source of comfort and wisdom for them.

As a mother, I felt so blessed to know that they could consult another trusted adult to coach them through life’s challenges, and to help guide them into their own best selves.”

Ellen L

* * *

“The first two words I would use to describe Michael Scott’s effect on my three growing adolescents and young adults, would be confidence booster.

Like all kids, mine have their strengths and weaknesses; and thankfully, while learning the brass tacks about their particular subjects of interest has rarely been a problem for them, feeling confident and entitled to go out into the world with that knowledge, are skills-in-progress.

Michael’s certainty in their capabilities, and wisdom has gradually instilled in them the Obama ideal: “yes, I can”.

The second two words I would ascribe to Michael are loyal advocate.

Though he is several decades senior to them in age and experience, his continuous support demonstrated by the arrival of e-mails, articles, cartoons or reading material he thinks they might learn from and enjoy, are amazing testaments to the power of an older and wiser mentor, advocate and friend –  to provide the buttressing all of us need to feel good, as we make our way in the world.

And that’s a special talent Michael has: he adds perspective to the small worries that preoccupy most of us, especially teenagers, and provides unique support in the form of warmth and understanding.”

Susan P

* * *

” I know Michael for a little more than thirty years. His gentle, thoughtful, caring ways have been a foundation in how he lives his life.

His particular belief in young people has always shone through and young people respond to his genuine interest and caring in their lives.

He is likewise tuned into those times of difficulty for them, creating CD’s of music, or poets reading their works, or perhaps sending a book along, or even a cartoon, in order to clarify, or reinforce the substance of his conversations with them.

It always lets them know that they are loved and thought of.  I see Michael’s encouragement results in these beautiful, long-term relationships full of trust and confidence. What a beautiful gift for our youngsters. What a beautiful gift to our world.”

Debbie K

* * *

“My daughters have very different personalities and needs.

Both, however, are equally comfortable and even keen to chat with Michael about their thoughts and feelings. They trust him as an insightful mentor who is a good listener and never judges what they say. During such conversations over the years, Michael has opened avenues for my children to explore and learn from at their own pace.

They’ve particularly appreciated his unexpected follow-up with a relevant email, book or tape and both daughters have grown through his supportive inspiration.

Michael’s relaxed, respectful manner relating to my children encourages their self-empowerment and confidence. Michael himself is a positive behavior role model. I am grateful for my family to know him.”

Glenna U

* * *