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Some Links – Each of these links offers so much inspiration.

Have you met Bel Kaufman? You need to. At age 100 she knows a thing or two about life – ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!!

Until you’ve met Randy, you don’t understand what “living in the moment” really means.

“Don’t give up on our kids, or the humans, quite yet…” 

“You are more powerful than you can possiby imagine.” 

“This address offered to Stanford Graduates by Steve Jobs in 2005 will surprise and inspire you.” 

“Gabriella’s Song” – a passionate, articulate & stirring musical expression of what we all want for our own lives.

From these lemons, the sweetest lemonade you can imagine. to-finish-strong.html

Courage, grace, and humor all possible even in in the face of the ultimate challange.

Do you know if you are you happy? depressed? optimistic? of strong character? Follow this link to the Positive Psychology Department an UPenn and test yourself on these and many more subjects. It’s free!