The Secret Meaning of Life

The Secret of the Meaning of Life

According to an ancient legend, the Gods met to discuss and to decide the best place to hide the secret of the meaning of life where it would be safe from discovery by mankind.

“Hide it at the bottom of the deepest Ocean“, said one, “they’ll never be able to find it there“.

“No“, said another, “One day they will doubtless have the means to go there and will find it“.

“Hide it at the top of the tallest mountain“, said another. “No,” was the reply, “surely they will one day seek and find it there as well.”

“I have the best idea,” said a third. “Let’s place the secret of the meaning of life deep in their own hearts. They will never even think to look for it there, let alone find it.”

And so, it was agreed; and deep in each of our hearts is where the secret of life’s meaning was safely hidden and has remained undiscovered ever since.