Coaching Is All Around Us

Coaching Is All Around Us

Not long ago, while biking along a brook near our home, I spotted a large blue heron not even 10 yards away, hunting for his lunch. I decided to stop and watch.

Observing this magnificent bird gliding through the water in slow motion stealth, I was privileged to witness a stunning display of natural grace in motion; such a treat, way better than any ballet I’ve ever been to. No human being could possibly move so beautifully.

Several times over 10 minutes or so, he pounced for a fish in a flash and failed every time. It was clear from the size and weight of this bird, that he knew something about catching fish.

At no time however, did I observe my new teacher exhibit any behavior which looked like; “I can’t do this. I’m a loser. I’ve lost my edge. I’m gonna starve.”

That conduct is for the humans.

After maybe a dozen tries he finally caught a juicy fish, ate it, and flew away, leaving me to wonder at the power of focusing completely and totally on our goals without telling ourselves stories about why we aren‘t good enough, or are bound to fail.

Simply because I was willing to stop and pay attention, that blue heron became my coach. Our coaches and teachers are all around us. All we need to do is slow down, watch and listen.

No big deal.