He’s their God too!!

Just watched, for the millionth time, another commercial from Chevron(lately, really good buddies of people and the environment) in which they calling global warming a “human issue.”


They still don’t get it! For as long as we still think of ourselves (the humans) as somehow “separate” from everything else (all life) we are not going to save ourselves – or the planet.

I’m reminded of a favorite story of mine, heard years ago:

It seems there’s two buddies standing on the shore of an alligator “infested” river. (HA! “Infested” there’s that human attitude again…as if the alligators don’t have the right to be in the river).

Anyway, one dude says to his friend: “I think I’m gonna swim across.”

His pal says “You’re nuts! The alligators will turn you into lunch.”

He answers: “No way! I have faith in God, perfect faith. God will bring me across safely.”

His (wise) buddy answers:”What makes you so certain that this isn’t the day that God takes care of his alligators? He’s their God too!!”

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Michael Scott is a life coach, author and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. After spending 35 years in business - coaching found him - and he's never looked back. Michael uses his coaching training and experience, in the service of his clients, as their constant and loving guide towards joyous, fulfilling lives which are genuinely their own. He lives with his dear wife in Sausalito, CA.

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