Good for you, Elwin!!

Just saw this piece in “The Week”, and I’d like to share it:

“In 1961,Elwin Wilson was part of a racist mob that beat Freedom Rider John Lewis in a white’s only waiting room in a South Carolina bus station, leaving him bloodied on the ground.

Last week, 48 years later, Wilson travelled to Capitol Hill to apologize to Lewis, who is now a congressman from Georgia. ‘I’m sorry about what happened to you then,’ said Wilson. ‘It’s OK’, said Lewis, embracing him.’I forgive you.’

For years, Wilson said he wanted to atone.But only after Barak Obama’s inauguration did he find the strength to come forward. ‘I want to love people regardless of what color,’ he said. To which Lewis responded, ‘Good to see you, my friend.’ “

Michael hereWow!!

Good for you Elwin, for finding the courage and the strength to want to do this, and then to do it – for keeping growing as a human being. You must have been in your 20’s or thereabouts in 1961, and finally fed up with carrying the burden of hatred around for 50 years (must’a been sooo heavy), decided to get rid of it.

What a big, big deal – for you, John Lewis, and the rest of us.

I offer you my greatest respect, Elwin!!

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