This IS about YOU

This Is About You

A final “housekeeping item”: What about my parents in all of this? Where do they fit in? Any other “rules”?

For sure there is stuff you want to talk about, but not all of it with them.  That is completely normal and OK. I’m betting that they totally get that. But, I’m equally certain that your folks are really, really, eager to know that you are not bottled up, that you are talking to someone; someone who you (and they too) can trust to put you first, to keep your secrets, but still, never come between you and them; that a situation can’t arise when you’ll say to them: “Well my coach says that you’re wrong, and that I don’t have to do”…whatever. That can’t be allowed to happen. That’s not what the work is for.

But it’s you, who are the client, not them. I put you first. I keep all your secrets (unless you expressly tell me you have, or intend to: break the law, or to harm yourself or someone else).

Other than that, everything you tell me stays with me, and your folks will have to sign on to that. But you have to sign on for the other part: that it’s they, not me, who are your parents. They love you. They want you happy and fulfilled. They get the respect. If you are not OK with this, we can’t work together.

Coaching?? NOT!!

If any of this sounds like something you want to consider, or learn more about, by all means give me a call, or an email, and perhaps we can get together for a chat. After that, you’ll be in a better position to decide if this is something that you want to do (that part is really important). I look forward to meeting you.

Meanwhile, please, respect, and be kind to, yourself,