Do YOU Know These?

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Do You Know These?

I want to say right off that I believe it is really tough to be a young person (especially a thoughtful young person) at this time and in this place. I really mean that. I have a huge, respect for what you are facing, trying to handle, balance and juggle.

First, the “conventional” pressures: get good grades, get into a good school, survive there, figure out what to learn, decide what to do with my life, have friends, please my friends, please my parents, please myself (this one should definitely not be last), be popular, deal with body issues (and all the other media pressure), deal with alcohol, (not to mention sex, drugs, & Rock ‘n’ Roll).

Should I even go to college? Yes? Why? No? Why not?

What kind of career path should I choose which won’t be exported or outsourced? What am I good at? What do I enjoy doing? Is there something pulling at me? What is that? What am I thinking about these choices, and, what am I feeling about them, and how important is that?

So, dear young reader, did I overlook any of your pressures? I bet I did.

Then, on top of all the “regular” everyday stuff, there are the biggies…the so-called “existential” ones. Are any of these on your mind?

– “The world is f—-d up. It’s on fire and we’re not doing enough about it.  Watching our leaders arguing like children while the house is burning is not encouraging. Will I have clean air to breathe, water to drink? If I marry, should we have kids? What kind of world will I be bringing them into? Is that the right thing to do?

– “Shoes off at the airport…“threat level orange” (always orange). They took my toothpaste away, for God sakes.  How ridiculous! They search my backpack at concerts now. This is nuts!

– “The media and the culture relentlessly assert  that what I need to do, to be happy, is have the right body, pile up a lot of cash and possessions, maybe be famous . But I look around. I see things,  and that’s not at all what I observe. I see many, many examples of desperately unhappy “beautiful/rich/famous”  people messing up their lives and the lives of others…big time. So clearly, more money and more stuff, in and of itself, is not where it’s at. So…where is it at?

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And…(add your own)

“So Michael, even if some of these are on my mind, how is coaching going to help me sort through all this?”