Prison Break

Prison Break

One more thing,  about one of the most (maybe the most) important items in your backpack, which is absolutely essential for this journey of discovery (and your life): I’m talking about how you feel about yourself.

“Care about the approval of others and you will be their prisoner.” Lao Tzu

I believe that these words, spoken almost 2500 years ago, could be the key to changing your life, if you are willing to let them in. Why? Because they focus on personal integrity, courage, independence, and healthy self – esteem. I believe that there is hardly anything that any of us do, (or don’t do), which isn’t somehow connected to how we feel about ourselves.

Like what?

Tons of things, but some obvious examples  come to mind, (like standing up confidently in front of a room full of people; having the courage to say yes when you want to, no when you need to; and, (unlike Polly, just above) not hesitating to ask for what you want.

Living in integrity, respecting and feeling good about yourself (yeah…I’m OK!), is life changing. The one whose approval you really need, the person who really needs to respect, and be proud to be you…is you! It takes courage, honesty, and  some work too, but it’s do-able. Do you want that?