I came across this journal entry which I wrote a while back at Green Gulch – an organic farm which is one of the three San Francisco Zen Center venues. I thought I’d like to share it with you because it portrays (in a really tiny way) the opportunities we are offered all the time as to how we choose to interpret the bigger things which challenge us:

Hosing out the compost buckets at GGF.
Eggshells, coffee grounds and oatmeal
are flying into my face and hair.

But the sun
captures the spray and rewards me
with my own personal rainbow.

What will I choose to see?

Be kind to yourself,

About Michael Scott

Michael Scott is a life coach, author and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. After spending 35 years in business - coaching found him - and he's never looked back. Michael uses his coaching training and experience, in the service of his clients, as their constant and loving guide towards joyous, fulfilling lives which are genuinely their own. He lives with his dear wife in Sausalito, CA.

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