Just Google It Already!

Last week, when leaving the SF Fine Arts Museum at the Legion of Honor, I passed yet again beneath this statue of Rodin’s “Thinker”. We all know this guy, forever thinking. He’s iconic, right? Only this time, I had this thought: What if Rodin had Google? Would this statue even exist? Would he have had […]

An Unfair Exchange

Hi again from Vermont. Wow! Got another full day of sunshine today after lots (and lots) of rain.While observing some birds at our feeder above the waterfall, I was moved to write these lines. (If you’re groaning now, not to worry, the poem’s really short): Patient waters bind the spirit while paring the rock. Warm […]

Still A Man

There’s a path through the woods from our cabin in the forests of Northern VT. which ends at a swimming hole fed by a waterfall. The site is so beatiful on so many levels, that I don’t have the words, so I won’t even try. For 33 summers, I go there to celebrate my life, […]

Laurel, you are soooo funny!!

This email just in from Laurel, my wife Laura’s lifelong friend (and, it so happens, the mom of that talented Jessica, who built my website). It’s too funny!! I had to share it: “Well, I checked out the website and it is very good. I have to try some of the exercises but I am […]

Good for you, Elwin!!

Just saw this piece in “The Week”, and I’d like to share it: “In 1961,Elwin Wilson was part of a racist mob that beat Freedom Rider John Lewis in a white’s only waiting room in a South Carolina bus station, leaving him bloodied on the ground. Last week, 48 years later, Wilson travelled to Capitol […]