From One Legged Teachers: Lessons On Living – AND letting go of – A Life of Generous & Loving Service

Hello sweet reader, Laura and I were having breakfast a couple of days ago with our dear friends and neighbors Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, shortly after our recent return from our summer in “Bernieland” (Go Bernie!!) Jerry always has some challenging question for me, about my ongoing (and endless…I pray) spiritual journey/struggle and he […]

Ichi Go, Ichi E

  Hello dear Reader, Kon’nichiwa! Just back from an awesome trip to Japan. The Cherry blossoms were in profusion and were spectacular. Ditto the gardens, temples, and shrines. But the best of all – for me, ALWAYS the best of all, wherever we go – were the people. Without a single exception, every person we […]

The Kids Always Bring The Light

Sweet Reader, A really tough week here in the USA…no kidding! So when Thursday rolled around, I couldn’t wait to get to my weekly gig at Martin’s Homeless here in SF. I KNEW I’d feel better when I left. I always do. Lincoln was right. It DOES “feel good to do good”. As you know, […]

On Letting Go…

“Real happiness doesn’t come from getting things. Real happiness comes from letting go”. (Pam Weiss) A year or two ago I was attending one of the regular Wednesday night SF Insight group classes led by Pam Weiss, my coaching – (and important spiritual) teacher. Have I ever mentioned in any of my posts that most […]

Happy? Who…ME??

 What is “happy” exactly? How will we ever know we have it, unless we understand what it means for us – for each one of us? What is the point of all this struggle, if, when we have it, we don’t even recognize it? Is this it? Is it something more? Is it something else? […]

“Coach” Irene

Greetings from our forest home in  Vermont’s NE Kingdom. Soo good to be back with you, and wow, do I ever mean it. Don’t get me wrong, I always mean it, but this time is especially sweet. I reckon you’ve heard something abour Hurricane Irene, and her visit to Vermont. Well, she came, stayed around a […]

Totally Nuts? Really? Who Exactly?

“My mind is like a bad neighborhood. I try not to go in there alone.” I love this quote from Bay Area author Annie Lamott. At first blush, it’s really funny, but for many of us, despite the fact that we really do need to observe our thoughts and actions carefully, so as to take […]

Understanding the Rocks

Crossing the street in Saigon and Hanoi (and doubtless many, many other Asian cities) is an act of faith and trust. Intersections with traffic lights are scarce, and so at some point you have to take a deep breath, and insert yourself into the flow of scooters, cars and buses coming at you from all […]

We Live in Poverty – Not In Misery

Hello dear reader, it’s so good to be back with you. It’s been a month and I’m hoping you will be OK with me sharing my main takeaway from from our amazing trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. Up front though, you need to know that if I don’t seem “fair and balanced” or my “tone” […]

Up In Smoke

What is art? What is an artist? Hello dear reader, from our forest cabin in Vermont’s wild and beautiful NE Kingdom, I pray you are having the best summer. Me too. So good in fact, that I’ve been a poor correspondent.I promise to mend my ways. I’ve a number of things on my mind that […]