“Do Your Work, Then Step Back – The Only Path To Serenity”

Hello dear reader, It’s been quite a while. I know. As I said to some of you not too long ago, I backed off from this blogging thing because I’ve been really bummed out by what’s going on with the incomprehensible (to me) behavior of some of the humans here in the US, and in […]


Hello dear Reader, Some time ago I ran into a woman of whom I’m a huge fan, who has been a very important teacher for me, and who I hadn’t seen in quite a while. She asked me “So Michael, how’re you doing? What’s up? I answered, “All the important stuff is fine. But I’ve […]


Hello dear  Reader, News gettin’ you down these days? Me too. Big time. A few years back, I was attending the San Francisco Green Festival, listening to a talk, then buying the book, called “Natural Capitalism – Creating The Next Industrial Revolution”, offered by friend, neighbor and fellow houseboat resident Paul Hawken. Paul, founder of […]

Ichi Go, Ichi E

  Hello dear Reader, Kon’nichiwa! Just back from an awesome trip to Japan. The Cherry blossoms were in profusion and were spectacular. Ditto the gardens, temples, and shrines. But the best of all – for me, ALWAYS the best of all, wherever we go – were the people. Without a single exception, every person we […]

The Kids Always Bring The Light

Sweet Reader, A really tough week here in the USA…no kidding! So when Thursday rolled around, I couldn’t wait to get to my weekly gig at Martin’s Homeless here in SF. I KNEW I’d feel better when I left. I always do. Lincoln was right. It DOES “feel good to do good”. As you know, […]

A Reality Check

Hello Dear Reader, Jambo! Soo good to be back with you! I’ve missed you. It’s been way too long, but I do have a really good excuse: We are just back from a totally amazing trip to Africa – Tanzania actually. Since we got back, I’ve been asked several times about what was the part […]

Just Google It Already!

Last week, when leaving the SF Fine Arts Museum at the Legion of Honor, I passed yet again beneath this statue of Rodin’s “Thinker”. We all know this guy, forever thinking. He’s iconic, right? Only this time, I had this thought: What if Rodin had Google? Would this statue even exist? Would he have had […]

Gratitude – Basic Hygiene For the Heart

  Are current events getting to you? Getting you down? They are me. Just a few recent items: The “killers in high places” (as Leonard Cohen calls them) are still murdering their citizens; priests and football coaches are abusing their kids; the black rhino is now extinct; our “leaders” are arguing like children while our […]

Beyond Comprehension

Hello sweet reader, Soo good to be back with you again. We are just back from an amazing trip to Turkey, where we had a memorable experience in lots of ways. The people we met, and there were many, were universally warm, friendly, kind and helpful. That part (the people part) was, and always is, […]

This Was No Butterfly….

I reckon most of us have heard the famous quote: “When a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world it can cause a hurricane in another part of the world.” According to Wikipedia, “the ‘butterfly effect’ as the term was originally called, was the brainchild of MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz. “In 1961 while working […]