From One Legged Teachers: Lessons On Living – AND letting go of – A Life of Generous & Loving Service

Hello sweet reader, Laura and I were having breakfast a couple of days ago with our dear friends and neighbors Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, shortly after our recent return from our summer in “Bernieland” (Go Bernie!!) Jerry always has some challenging question for me, about my ongoing (and endless…I pray) spiritual journey/struggle and he […]


Hello dear  Reader, News gettin’ you down these days? Me too. Big time. A few years back, I was attending the San Francisco Green Festival, listening to a talk, then buying the book, called “Natural Capitalism – Creating The Next Industrial Revolution”, offered by friend, neighbor and fellow houseboat resident Paul Hawken. Paul, founder of […]

The Kids Always Bring The Light

Sweet Reader, A really tough week here in the USA…no kidding! So when Thursday rolled around, I couldn’t wait to get to my weekly gig at Martin’s Homeless here in SF. I KNEW I’d feel better when I left. I always do. Lincoln was right. It DOES “feel good to do good”. As you know, […]

Gratitude – Basic Hygiene For the Heart

  Are current events getting to you? Getting you down? They are me. Just a few recent items: The “killers in high places” (as Leonard Cohen calls them) are still murdering their citizens; priests and football coaches are abusing their kids; the black rhino is now extinct; our “leaders” are arguing like children while our […]

Never Too Late

In the spring of 2002, I attended my daughter Julia’s graduation from Smith College in Northampton Mass.   Obviously, the best and biggest part of that memorable weekend was about our wonderful Julia – our happiness for and pride in her. Like most of her classmates, Julia was just shy of 22.   But there […]

Do One Thing Only

You’re looking at a photo of just one US military aircraft “boneyard”, this one in Arizona. These abandoned warplanes, for which we spent billions of borrowed dollars, sit here, in the desert sand, being harvested for their spare parts, while we struggle to find money to educate our kids and pay for our healthcare. Clearly, There […]

When I Do Good….

A few nights ago, I watched a PBS special about the life, trials, and tribulations of the late Dalton Trumbo – author and Hollywood screenwriter in the post WWII years – the time of a particularly shameful episode in the history of this country known as the “blacklist.” It was riveting – and heart breaking. […]

He told us he learned compassion FROM HIS MOM

Martin de Porres in San Francisco is a soup kitchen/homeless shelter at which I volunteer on Thursdays. We serve our guests anywhere from 600 – 1000 breakfasts, and then lunches daily. Everyone is welcome, and treated with the utmost respect. It’s my favorite day of the week. Not only does it offer me a weekly […]