Hello dear Reader, Some time ago I ran into a woman of whom I’m a huge fan, who has been a very important teacher for me, and who I hadn’t seen in quite a while. She asked me “So Michael, how’re you doing? What’s up? I answered, “All the important stuff is fine. But I’ve […]


“I am lying in my bed five flights up… and here and there on my blanket, lost feelings out of my childhood lie and are like new. All the lost fears are here again: “The fear that a small woolen thread sticking out of the hem of my blanket may be hard, hard and sharp […]


Sweet reader, I know, I know. It’s been a really long time. I’d like to talk about that first. When I first started posting this blog, I got some advice from a friend, the essence of which was: “If you want to get a lot of followers, you have to post very often – as […]


    You’re KIDDING, right??   Unlike the other guy, click on this link: and of whom I am not a fan) – who is fancied by some, and by himself as a journalist, but here self-depicted as Narcissus 2013 – I believe that whether or not 70 is indeed “the new 50” has to do […]

Who ARE These Guys??!!

WHO ARE THESE GUYS??!! Dear Reader, Yeah, I know, it’s been a while. No “excuse” really. It’s not as though I haven’t been thinking about things (too much probably), but I reckon I’ve been in that place where, because I don’t know whether anyone actually reads this stuff, I figured: “why post your thoughts? It’s […]

On Letting Go…

“Real happiness doesn’t come from getting things. Real happiness comes from letting go”. (Pam Weiss) A year or two ago I was attending one of the regular Wednesday night SF Insight group classes led by Pam Weiss, my coaching – (and important spiritual) teacher. Have I ever mentioned in any of my posts that most […]

Happy? Who…ME??

 What is “happy” exactly? How will we ever know we have it, unless we understand what it means for us – for each one of us? What is the point of all this struggle, if, when we have it, we don’t even recognize it? Is this it? Is it something more? Is it something else? […]

Just Google It Already!

Last week, when leaving the SF Fine Arts Museum at the Legion of Honor, I passed yet again beneath this statue of Rodin’s “Thinker”. We all know this guy, forever thinking. He’s iconic, right? Only this time, I had this thought: What if Rodin had Google? Would this statue even exist? Would he have had […]

Gratitude – Basic Hygiene For the Heart

  Are current events getting to you? Getting you down? They are me. Just a few recent items: The “killers in high places” (as Leonard Cohen calls them) are still murdering their citizens; priests and football coaches are abusing their kids; the black rhino is now extinct; our “leaders” are arguing like children while our […]

Never Too Late

In the spring of 2002, I attended my daughter Julia’s graduation from Smith College in Northampton Mass.   Obviously, the best and biggest part of that memorable weekend was about our wonderful Julia – our happiness for and pride in her. Like most of her classmates, Julia was just shy of 22.   But there […]